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Get sparkling clean windows without the risk of damage when you book our professional commercial window washing services.

Owning a commercial space comes with a lot of responsibilities, and not least among them is keeping your building clean and presentable. One of the features that has a big impact on both the interior and the exterior appearance of your building is the windows. Keeping them clean and clear will let in plenty of sunlight to boost the atmosphere inside and help you present a professional appearance from the outside. At Orca ProWash, we provide commercial window washing services for businesses in the Tacoma, Washington area, and we would be happy to help your windows get the streak-free clean you want.

Commercial Window Washing in Tacoma, Washington

We use a commercial window washing method known as softwashing, which provides an exceptional level of cleaning without the dangers of other cleaning methods. Our team can safely clean surfaces that are up to 70 feet from the ground, making us the ideal solution for single and multi-story buildings alike. Softwashing is also safe for virtually any exterior surface, making it an ideal method for commercial window washing, since there is no risk of damaging the glass, window frame, or surrounding siding.

Instead of using high-powered sprays of water to remove surface grime, softwashing relies on targeted cleaning solutions that easily cut through the grime, which means we only need a gentle stream of water to rinse everything away. Our commercial window washing services are also more environmentally friendly than other methods, since they use less water, and our cleaners are fully biodegradable. Our team is also committed to preserving the local environment, and we dedicate a percentage of all our profits to charities that support our local orca populations.

To learn more about why softwashing is the preferred choice for local business owners when it comes to commercial window washing, or to get started with a quote for our services, contact our team today.