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When you need to refresh your parking lot, turn to our expert team.

Keeping up with all the responsibilities of owning a commercial space is not easy; at any given time, there are likely endless things on your to-do list. Between the daily tasks associated with running a business and the less common but equally important maintenance requirements, it’s no surprise that the parking areas are often at the back of a business owner’s mind.

Parking Lot Washing in Tacoma, Washington

However, keeping those areas clean and safe is an essential part of ensuring your customers, employees, and other visitors have a positive experience from the moment they park their cars. At Orca ProWash, we provide parking lot washing services that will help keep your parking areas looking their best and preserve their anticipated lifespan.

While one of the main benefits of investing in regular parking lot washing is having a clean and welcoming parking lot to greet your visitors, there are plenty more reasons why it’s a worthwhile service. For starters, our team can use a method called softwashing that targets organic contaminants like algae, moss, lichen, and bacteria, as well as dirt and other outdoor grime. Removing this kind of biological buildup is important because it can create hazardous, slippery surfaces that pose a safety threat to anyone walking across your parking lot.

Another major benefit of regular parking lot washing is that it helps reduce the wear and tear on your lot, since it removes contaminants that can cause the surface to break down faster. Repaving a parking lot is expensive, so doing all you can to reduce any unnecessary wear and tear can go a long way toward protecting your investment.

We proudly serve customers throughout the Tacoma, Washington area. To inquire about scheduling a parking lot washing service or getting a free estimate, contact our team today.