Driveway Pressure Washing, Tacoma, WA

Our alternative to driveway pressure washing is safe and effective

Both residential and commercial properties often include driveways, which provide access for vehicles. A driveway may lead to a garage or parking area, or it may go to the entrance point of a commercial facility. But no matter its purpose or design, a driveway is likely to show a lot of signs of wear due to constant exposure to harsh contaminants, changing weather conditions, and dirty tires.

Driveway Pressure Washing in Tacoma, Washington

Since many driveways are constructed out of concrete, which is light in color, the dirt and grime show up very well. If you have ever tried to clean a driveway yourself, you know that few methods do much to remove a stains and buildup.

Driveway pressure washing might seem like the only option, but what you may not realize is that too much pressure can cause damage, even to concrete. If your driveway is made of another material, pressure washing is certainly not a good option. But you don’t have to simply live with a dirty, unappealing outdoor surface. Instead, contact us at Orca ProWash. We’re a leading provider of exterior cleaning services in the Tacoma, Washington area, and our alternative to driveway pressure washing is safe and effective.

This cleaning method is called soft washing, and it can be used on nearly any outdoor surface. It’s ideal for driveways, as it targets and removes oil, dirt, mold and algae growth, and many other contaminants. Since it only uses a small amount of water together with environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals, soft washing is more effective than other methods. Plus, the results last longer!

It’s a win-win, so contact us to request an estimate. Say goodbye to driveway pressure washing for good.