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At Orca ProWash, we offer a better solution for solar panel cleaning.

Investing in solar energy is a great way to make a positive impact on the environment while protecting your property from future outages and other potential risks. Solar energy is clean and renewable, and adding solar panels to your Tacoma, Washington home will allow you to make use of it.

Solar Panel Cleaning in Tacoma, Washington

But what you may not realize is that since the panels are installed on the roof of a structure, they are constantly exposed to outdoor contaminants. Insects and animals may leave droppings on them, and shifting climate conditions can cause dirt and mud to build up. Although frequent rainstorms are common in this area, the water won’t do much to remove a thick layer of grime. When the panels get dirty, they aren’t able to absorb the sunlight as efficiently, impacting the production rate.

Regular solar panel cleaning is a better option, but not all methods are safe for use on the sensitive parts found within them. Too much water pressure could damage these critical components, a risk you simply shouldn’t take. But at Orca ProWash, we offer a better solution for solar panel cleaning. Our trained technicians use a method called “soft washing,” and it’s at once extremely effective and gentle enough to use on nearly any exterior surface.

When we use soft washing to clean your solar panels, we will apply an eco-friendly cleaning solution that targets and eliminates all the contaminants that build up on the surfaces. From there, we will use a small amount of water to rinse the product away, leaving behind clean and sanitized panels.

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