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Our mission is to help you keep your property looking its best while also helping preserve the local environment and wildlife.

Here at Orca ProWash, we want our customers to feel good about their efforts to keep their home or commercial property looking its best. In addition to providing exceptional results by using proven techniques and cleaning solutions, we also focus on using environmentally conscious practices that help preserve water and won’t harm nearby wildlife or plants. We also pledge to donate a portion of our profits to charities dedicated to protecting and supporting one of the most majestic aquatic mammals in the Pacific Northwest area, the orca.

Orca ProWash

Our team recognizes that many people are concerned about the safety of their lawns or nearby plants when they hire professional exterior cleaning companies. While all of our cleaning solutions are biodegradable, we add an extra layer of protection by practicing the Three D’s:

  • Dilute – Before we start a service, a designated team member will pre-wet all the surrounding vegetation so that your plant’s roots won’t absorb the cleaning solution.
  • Divert – For delicate or sensitive areas, we can use a variety of methods, such as Tyvek tarping or umbrellas to divert water away and avoid damage.
  • Decontaminate – Once our team has completed the cleaning service, we’ll go back and treat the vegetation with a specialized plant wash that’s designed to re-balance the pH and return nutrients to the surrounding soil.

Whether you are a homeowner who needs extra assistance with keeping the exterior of your home looking clean and inviting or a business that wants to ensure your customers, employees, and guests have the best possible impression when they arrive at your facilities, our team can help. We proudly serve the Tacoma, Washington area and can clean everything from the roof to the parking lot, along with virtually every exterior surface in between.

For more information about our services or mission, please don’t hesitate to contact our team. We look forward to serving you!