Check out some of our FAQS before hiring us to soft wash your home.

What is soft washing?
Soft washing is an exterior cleaning method that uses low-pressure water and biodegradable chemicals to eliminate dirt, grime, mold, and algae from surfaces.
Does soft washing work?
Yes! Soft washing has been around for over two decades and has been used to successfully clean many homes and commercial properties.
Why is soft washing a good alternative to pressure washing?
Soft washing eliminates dirt and grime at its source. Soft washing also doesn’t use intense pressure that can damage exterior surfaces.
How long does soft washing last?
Most soft washing treatments last four to six times longer than normal pressure washing. You can typically expect your soft washing results to last about a year or longer.
Is it safe to soft wash my home?
Yes! All the cleaning solutions used while soft washing are completely biodegradable. They also have low VOC discharges and are non-toxic, so they will not release any harmful chemicals into the area.
Is soft washing environmentally friendly?
Soft washing is an environmentally friendly alternative to pressure washing. This cleaning method uses less water, gets longer-lasting results, and uses cleaning solutions that are 100% naturally biodegradable.
What surfaces can you soft wash?

You can clean nearly any exterior surface with soft washing. For example, you can clean decks, exterior siding, roofs, concrete, brick, and more. Sot washing can also be used on all types of building materials, including aluminum, concrete, wood, and more.