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Enjoy a longer-lasting, safer clean when you use our softwashing services.

Softwashing in Tacoma, WashingtonWhen it comes to methods for keeping the exterior of your Tacoma, Washington property clean, most people think that power or pressure washing is the only option available to them. While those methods are effective for some surfaces, such as durable concrete, we at Orca ProWash offer an alternative option that is safe to use on virtually any exterior surface; softwashing.

Softwashing has many benefits that make it an appealing option for home or business owners, but one of the main ones is that this method is gentle on surfaces without sacrificing cleaning power. We use water-based, fully biodegradable cleaning solutions for our softwashing services that are designed to emulsify dirt, grime, and contaminants and remove the microbes that cause staining. This sanitization allows you to enjoy a cleaner exterior for anywhere from four to six times longer than other cleaning methods like pressure washing.

Once the cleaning agents have done their work, everything is washed away with a gentle stream of water that’s less than 80 PSI (pressure washing uses about 3,000 PSI for comparison). Softwashing is ARMA approved and recommended by most roofing manufacturers, so unlike pressure washing, using this method won’t void your roof warranty. Our team can clean surfaces up to 70′ high and is safe for everything from asphalt shingles to brick to vinyl, so whether you hire us for your home or a commercial property, we’ve got you covered.

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