We are doing our part to protect endangered orcas in our area.

At Orca ProWash, we’re determined to provide the best possible exterior cleaning services in our area, but we’re also on a mission to prevent orcas from becoming extinct. Orcas are magnificent creatures, but their survival as a species is uncertain, and they are currently an endangered species. The largest member of the dolphin family, orcas are known for their distinctive black and white coloration, as well as their powerful presence in the water.


You can find orcas in oceans all over the world, from icy arctic waters to tropical seas. Orcas are highly adaptable animals and have been observed in both open ocean and coastal environments. Here in Washington, orcas often frequent the west side of San Juan Island. You can usually see these incredible creatures swimming through the saltwater from late spring through early fall.

Saving orcas from complete extinction requires a multi-faceted approach that involves diligent conversation efforts, ongoing research, and eliminating threats to today’s dwindling orca population. Ultimately, saving the orcas is a collective effort that requires collaboration and commitment from many to address the complex challenges the orca population faces today.

We are committed to donating a portion of all of our business’ profits to support the orcas, and we invite you to help with this cause by donating as well. While we back any organization committed to saving the orcas, one in particular that we support is the Adopt an Orca program. To learn more about our commitment to protecting the orca population, contact us today.